Chef Kringle, a distant relative of Santa, like Gentleman Santa, looks enough like Santa that they can trade places when Santa wants to get in the kitchen to whip up a pizza or bake a Christmas cake.

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Chef Santa for Poser3D & DAZ Studio

Chef Santa is also known as Toon Santa 13. He is available as a stand alone model or as a part of the Toon Santa Complete Edition Release as of Christmas 2013.

Chef is a regular inhabitant of North Pole Village, and he looks almost exactly like Santa Claus. Sometimes Santa will swap places with Chef so he can relax and do a little cooking for Mrs Claus without anyone knowing.

This character requires a compatible version of Meshbox Design's free but licensed Chunk 3D character.

Notes about Using Chef Santa

Using Poses

  • All of the Poses work with the included Props. For example, the Holding Tray with Christmas Cake Pose works with Chef Santa, the Cake Tray Prop and Christmas Cake Prop

Chef Santa Inventory

  • Character
  • Characters, clothing and other major items
  • White Chef's Coat
  • White Chef's Trousers
  • Dark Chef's Boots
  • Chef's Red Necktie
  • Chef's Red Apron
  • Props
  • Instantly pose Santa with these Poses
  • Chef's Hat
  • Cake Tray
  • Christmas Cake
  • Cutting Board
  • Food Tray & Cover
  • Silver Tray
  • Pizza
  • Pizza Tray
  • Rolling Pin
  • Cooking Knife & Spoon
  • Classic Fluffy Eyebrows
  • Classic Santa Hair
  • Classic Santa Beard
  • Poses
  • Instantly pose Santa with these Poses
  • Chopping with Knife
  • Holding Tray with Christmas Cake
  • Holding Tray with Dish
  • Holding Tray with Pizza
  • Rolling Rolling Pin
  • Stirring with Spoon
  • Tasting with Spoon
  • Reset