Underneath the surface of Toon Santa 06 to 15 is the free character Chunk from the Toon People group in Meshbox Design.

Toon Santa and Chunk 3D

Back in 2002, Toon Santa was a single set of geometry and texture files. He looked great but he wasn't a very flexible character. The clothing you saw was literally the skin of the character. A major re-crafting took place in 2006. All of the characteristics of the body of Toon Santa were recreated as a separate character we named Chunk™. Everything that made Chunk the lovable Kringle then became add-on files for Chunk, such as his iconic coat, hat, boots, gloves, hair and the rest.

Download Chunk 3D for Free

Chunk: The First Toon People

Santa is extremely energetic, but you might not think it based on his basic body type.  Chunk is everything underlying Toon Santa's body type - an actual archetype type character for which the word "Chunk" is apt. This set the Toon Santa team at Meshbox Design thinking about body types in general as they are represented unrealistically in animation. As a result, we explored other body types across gender lines, and the iconic body type of Chunk was expanded to include gender complements: Mr Chunk and Mrs Chunk.

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