Before he was Santa Claus, Kris Kringle (or Young Santa) had many adventures in his youth. Young Santa is a free adventurer who travels through the Many Worlds that Are, where he made new friends and learned much about himself along the way – and he also picked up a great deal of knowledge of the natural world, and a little magic that would help him later in life after he establishes himself at the North Pole.

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Young Santa for Poser3D & DAZ Studio

Young Santa is also known as Toon Santa 16. He is available as a stand alone model or as a part of the Toon Santa Complete Edition Release as of Christmas 2016.

This character requires a compatible version of Meshbox Design's free but licensed Norm 3D character.

Notes about Using Young Santa

Using Poses

  • Some of the included poses are duplicates of the base Norm figure, but optimized for working better with the included base clothing

Young Santa Inventory

  • Character
  • Characters, clothing and other major items
  • Young Santa Red Leather Tunic
  • Young Santa Red Pants
  • Young Santa Mantle & Hood
  • Young Santa Black Belt
  • Young Santa Fur Lined Boots
  • Belt Pouches (2)
  • Props
  • Standard props included
  • Mustache
  • Beard
  • Full Head of Hair
  • Combines (Hair + Mustache + Beard)
  • Magical Reindeer Staff
  • Poses
  • Instantly pose Santa with these Poses
  • Reset
  • Cross Arms
  • Pray (head down)
  • Pray (head up)
  • Pray (open arms)
  • Sit Squat
  • Sleep on Back
  • Sprint
  • Stand at Rest
  • Track
  • Wave Hello