Father Christmas is the traditional English folklore version of Santa Claus. He's  traded in his red hat for a fine circlet of holly leaves and berries, and wears a gloriously patterned red robe.

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Father Christmas for Poser3D & DAZ Studio

Father Christmas is also known as Toon Santa 11. He is available as a stand alone model or as a part of the Toon Santa Complete Edition Release as of Christmas 2011.

This character requires a compatible version of Meshbox Design's free but licensed Chunk 3D character.

Notes about Using Father Christmas

Using Poses

  • Father Christmas Robe can be worn over other clothing, but as a robe it makes posing more challenging. Several poses included with this model set are specifically for reshaping the robe

Father Christmas Inventory

  • Character
  • Characters, clothing and other major items
  • Father Christmas Robe
  • Father Christmas Patterned Shirt
  • Father Christmas Trousers
  • Sash Belt
  • Father Christmas Buckled Boots
  • Props
  • Instantly pose Santa with these Poses
  • Father Christmas Holly Crown
  • Father Christmas Lighted Staff
  • Christmas Throne
  • Classic Fluffy Eyebrows
  • Classic Hair
  • Classic Morphing Beard
  • Poses
  • Instantly pose Santa with these Poses
  • Asleep on Throne
  • Asleep on Throne (for Robe)
  • Holding Snowball
  • Walking with Staff
  • Walking with Staff (for Robe)
  • Sitting in Throne with Staff
  • Sitting in Throne with Staff (for Robe)
  • Shining Staff Light
  • Reset (for Robe)
  • Reset