Underneath the surface of Toon Santa 16 is the free character Norm from the Toon People group in Meshbox Design.

Toon Santa and Norm 3D

Back in 2002, Toon Santa was a single set of geometry and texture files. Young Santa is Toon Santa 16, but being young and not yet Santa Claus, the Toon People Group felt Chunk wasn't the best underlying model for this character. Instead, we decided to go with Norm 3D, a much newer character. Norm (and Norma, the female version of Norm) are younger and generally more fit than Chunk.

Download Norm 3D for Free

Norm 3D Free Poser 3D & DAZ Studio Character

Norm 3D uses are more common geometry type between the male (Norm) and female (Norma) versions.

View the embedded image gallery online at: