Toon Santa is a 3D digital character you can use to create beautiful holiday art with Poser or DAZ 3D Studio.

What is Toon Santa?

Toon Santa is actually a collection of data files used by 3d applications to represent a fully clothed, articulated (referred to as 'rigged') character in a 3d space. Those 3d applications then translate or render that 3d information into a graphic still images or animation. The information contained in the data files can be used by many professional 3d computer applications but most of the specialized information requires an application that can read those special files. These include Smith Micro Poser, and DAZ Inc's DAZ 3d. Some features are optimized specifically for use with Poser. Within Poser, you can 'pose' Toon Santa just like a highly articulated doll, change his expression, change his clothing and have him interact with other characters. Unlike a real world doll though, you can make even more radical changes to what Toon Santa can do.

Toon Santa is, more specifically, an add-on for a free 3D character also made by Meshbox Design called Chunk.